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Welcome to Siladon Thai Spa in Fulham, London

Siladon Thai Spa is a boutique Thai spa in Fulham, on Wandsworth Bridge Road.

Siladon Spa is an international spa group, which also has two branches in Thailand in Bangkok and Phuket.

We invite you to enjoy authentic Thai massage, waxing and other beauty treatments.

Best Thai Massage in Fulham, London...
With our team of experienced Thai massage therapists, Siladon Thai Spa offers the best Thai massage in London.

Siladon Thai Spa is the place to come for healing and relaxing massage in Fulham.

Professional Waxing in Fulham, London...

Siladon Thai Spa also offers a range of beauty treatments, including professional waxing.

With our experienced beauticians and high quality hot wax, we offer the best waxing in Fulham.

Customer Feedback

(genuine comments from customer feedback forms) 
Very good & strong massage, thank you. (Therapist: Kai, August 2015)
 Amazing! My shoulder feels so much better. Thank you. (Therapist: Sue, August 2015)
 Amazing! Thank you! (Therapist: Ela, August 2015)
 Really nice! Thanks so much. (Therapist: Kai, August 2015)
 Excellent massage. Really relieved a lot of tight muscles after a 100 mile bike ride. 10/10 (Therapist: Ela, August 2015)
 Very relaxing as always. Will be coming back. (Therapist: Ela, August 2015)
 Had a great massage. Ela was fantastic & very friendly. (Therapist: Ela, August 2015)
 Great! (Therapist: Kai, August 2015)
 A really amazing massage, thank you!  (Therapist: Ela, August 2015)
 Very good, thank you.  (Therapist: Kai, August 2015)
 Very good. Will be coming back soon for other knots! Thank you. (Therapist: Ela, August 2015)
 Very good indeed! Chris. (Therapist: Ela, August 2015)
 I had the best massage in a very long time. I came in & was very stiff but Sue made my muscles relaxed and I feel amazing! I recommend her very highly!!!  (Therapist: Sue, August 2015)
 Fantastic - I asked for strong & it was. Feel v relaxed. Ela was brilliant. Lesley W.  (Therapist: Ela, August 2015)
 Amazing massage as always.  (Therapist: Sue, August 2015)
Thank you for reading my body and doing a great, thorough job. Feeling Fab! (Therapist: Malee, July 2015)
Very good. Thank you! (Therapist: Kai, July 2015)
 What a great first time. A good pressure and very relaxing. I'll definitely be back! (Therapist: Ja, July 2015)
 It was an amazing, strong massage! Thank you! It was just what I needed and I feel very relaxed. (Therapist: Kai, July 2015)
 Ela, amazing massage. Will be coming back in the future. (Therapist: Ela, July 2015)
 Very good. She worked all the spots that needed work. (Therapist: Kai, July 2015)
 Fantastic massage! The therapist I had was lovely and very friendly! (Sarah, Therapist ?, July 2015)
 I've never laughed so much in so much pain. Fabulous massage - thank you. (Therapist: Ela, July 2015)
 Amazing, thank you. (Therapist: Kai, July 2015)
 Great massage, thank you. (Therapist: Ela, July 2015)
Ela - just amazing. Best massage I have had in years! No words for how brilliant! (Tarryn, Therapist: Ela)
She was very good. Stretched out my legs and back very well. Will come back! (Therapist: Da, July 2015)
Amazing massage. Thank you Tookta. (Therapist: Tookta, July 2015)
Great. All knots out! (Therapist: Ja, July 2015)
Lovely lady, great massage (Therapist: Sue, July 2015)
Amazing, thank you. (Therapist: Wannee, July 2015)
Excellent (Therapist: Da, July 2015)
Ela was fantastic, knows what she is doing, very professional. Excellent! (Therapist: Ela, July 2015)
Very good massage & helpful to my back. Thank you. (Therapist: Tukta, July 2015)
Each week I am cured. I didn't realise how useful massages are. I'm hooked! (Therapist: Ela, July 2015)
Excellent massage, really strong - just what I needed. (Therapist: Malee, July 2015)
Fantastic massage. I left feeling incredibly relaxed and perfectly ready for the week ahead. Thank you Tookta! (Therapist: Tukta, July 2015)
Excellent!!! The best massage I've had in a long time! (Therapist: Ela, July 2015)
Ela is excellent - Found every knot in my body and got rid of them all! (Therapist: Ela, July 2015)
Very good! Very nice welcoming staff and the massage was amazing! Such good pressure. (Therapist: Sue, July 2015)
Very good massage & helpful to my back. Thank you. (Therapist: Tukta, July 2015)
Ela was incredible! I will definitely be a repeat customer :-) Therapist: Ela, July 2015
Very good. Lots of care received. (Therapist: Tukta, July 2015)
Fantastic relaxing unwinding massage. I will be back to Ela soon. (Therapist: Ela, July 2015)
Very good session. Excellent attention to details, which is very important. Good social skills. (Therapist: Ela, July 2015)
Great massage, thanks. (Therapist: Ela, July 2015)
Lovely relaxing massage for pregnancy. Head massage particularly good, thank you. I would have liked a bit on my arms too - next time. Just lovely! ( Therapist: Noi, Jun 2015)
"Good thanks. Just wish it was longer." J (Therapist: Ja, June 2015)
"Very good. Good pressure & tension release." (Therapist: Su, June 2015)
"First time I tried waxing here and impressed with price and treatment" (Beautician: Tai, June 2015)
"Excellent - will come again soon." J (Therapist: Tookta, June 2015)
"Really good. She felt the knots in my legs and also sorted out my painful neck without being asked. Liked hot towel at the end." (Therapist: Tookta, June 2015)
"Possibly the best massage I have ever had! Thank you so much!" (Therapist: Ela, June 2015)
"Very good thanks" (Therapist: Su, June 2015)
"Could do with stronger/harder massage & stretches at the end" (Therapist: Noi, June 2015)
"Excellent, best ever!" (Therapist: Su, June 2015)
"Very good. Beyond any expectations! Thanks." (Therapist: Da, June 2015)
"Awesome, v relaxing." (Therapist: Noi, June 2015)
"Tukta was great. She focussed on the areas I really needed and requested" (Therapist: Tookta, June 2015)
"Wonderful foot & lower leg massage. Good strong hands!" (Therapist: Ja, June 2015)
"Very good." (Therapist: Kai, June 2015)
"Amazing traditional Thai massage!" ( Therapist: Su, June 2015)

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